About me

I am a wife and mother of four wonderful children.  I also am “mom” to two parrots, a dog, a mini pig and a beta fish.  A proverbial zoo keeper.  I would have a small farm if my husband would allow it, as I am an animal lover to the core.  I also have a very green thumb and am a lover of all things football.  Writing is my new passion and I am learning and growing with each new blog I write.   My personal journey through codependency is a story unlike no other, yet hauntingly familiar to many codependents.

I am writing this blog to help others who are in need of emotional support and understanding.  Codependency is not an illness, nor a disease or affliction.  It can be described as common behavior with a flair.  We tend to be overly responsible, overly needy, overly engaging, and overly caring, and very mature.  If you would like to join me on my journey to independent living, send me a message!  I would love to hear your story, or if you just need an ear, I am here.  We are in this together….  and surviving. 



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