The Journey Continues

My journey was interrupted…  the world was moving so quickly and changing so rapidly that my journey into the normal literally halted.  The codependent skill of doing and being for others simply took over my being.  And now, here I stand at yet another fork in the road.  Making that important decision to begin my journey again….  the journey of learning about me, my feelings, my self worth and healing.

As I look forward to continuing my blog, I once again face the reality of my codependency.  Even though my journey has paused, I know that I will never be free from my codependency.  It is a part of me, a part of my character.  Often I retreat into memories of my past where I find an odd comfort in the regret over my failed past relationships, disappointment in choices I have made, joy in finding new love, and pride in the blessing of motherhood.  The familiar feelings of saying and doing the things that made others happy and comfortable, at the price of burying my true feelings and biting my tongue.

I will begin my healing again and continue my adventure.  I am excited to bring you along….  the outlook is positive and we codependents need each other.


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