As the morning comes, I wake to the light and smile.  The sun.  It has finally come to warm this cold Minnesota town.  It has been a long, unforgiving winter.  As I open the window, the birds greet me with their morning song.  It is the most beautiful sound and again, I smile.  The air is crisp and a faint smell of dew is in the air.  God has surely painted a beautiful picture this morning.  I enjoy the view, as rabbits run and birds fly.  My cup of coffee is a comfort.  This is a most wonderful day.  Thank you, Lord for giving this day to me.

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Old Friends, Good Times

I went to a party tonight and saw many people with whom I attended high school.  It was interesting as I had not spoken with many of them in quite a long time.  It really struck me the way people embellish on their lives and make things seem a bit more amazing than they truly are.  It makes me take a step back and look at my life as in who I am and how I deal with my situations.  I realize that even with all of the issues I have had to deal with:  the anger of my ex-husbands, the control that was used on me, and the range of emotions in dealing with alcoholics; my life is beautiful.  I have wonderful children, a supportive family, and a strong character that enables me to deal with the situations life throws at me on a daily basis.

I may not have money, I may not have fame, but what I do have is what makes me a loving, caring, strong, happy individual.  It is what makes the sun come out every day, even when it is raining.  I cherish what I have and I thank God every day.