Unconditional love…

My pets really understand me.  There is no greater love than the unconditional love that they bring.  On days when I feel down and wonder what life will hit me with next, my dog knows that is the time I need comfort.  I don’t need to explain myself or ask for it, she just gives.  My parrot senses the mood and chimes in with her random talking, whistles, and noises which make me smile every time.  If only humans could give so much with so little effort.  This world would be in much better shape.dog love


I give thanks…

I give thanks to my wonderful family for always standing beside me, even when the choices I make turn out to be the biggest disasters.

I give thanks to my husband, who has to lives with me, the crazy codependent, and still loves me.

I give thanks to my children who are exceptional people and will always carry a piece of my heart with them.

I give thanks for my birds and dogs, as they provide unconditional love and needed therapy on stressful days.

I give thanks for my job, as I am able to provide for my family.

I give thanks to my friends, for always listening to me, knowing and understanding me, and still being my friend.

I give thanks to the people who read my blog, as they give me the courage and will to continue writing.

I give thanks to all Veterans who always give more than they receive and deserve more of our respect and gratitude.

I give thanks to my Lord for carrying me through the hard times, showing me that faith is priceless, and continuing to promise me grace and love after all the mistakes I have made.