A new fork in the road discovered…

I have been walking for a long time on my journey, a journey filled with new beginnings, better understandings, and an appreciation offork-in-the-road life.  The path I walk has been fraught with highs and lows, along with a few stones which I have stumbled over.  While I have learned so much, I can’t shake the feeling that there is so much more ahead.  I await the next step eagerly and with much anticipation, as I see a new fork in the road ahead.  It is time to take a chance….





As the morning comes, I wake to the light and smile.  The sun.  It has finally come to warm this cold Minnesota town.  It has been a long, unforgiving winter.  As I open the window, the birds greet me with their morning song.  It is the most beautiful sound and again, I smile.  The air is crisp and a faint smell of dew is in the air.  God has surely painted a beautiful picture this morning.  I enjoy the view, as rabbits run and birds fly.  My cup of coffee is a comfort.  This is a most wonderful day.  Thank you, Lord for giving this day to me.

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Keeping your head up

If God brought you to it, God will get you through it.  The mantra I repeat so often on days when I feel down or pushed around.  It is amazing to know that there are reasons for everything that happens, even though we may not see the reason immediately.  Just by keeping my faith, I have dealt with situations with an even temper and have persevered and accomplished more than I ever believed possible.  I have also discovered that having a happy and upbeat attitude is infectious and more and more people will be drawn to you.  Keep your head up, a smile on your face, and move forward.

Keep your head up; you are so much better than you believe.  I promise.

head up

Found, but not lost

Today was the day I was found.  While I was not lost, I was walking a path that was unclear and out of focus.  I was not able to see what my future would become and was not looking forward with much hope.  This morning, hearing one song veered me back toward the path on which I was meant to be.  Music empowers me in different ways and today this song touched me deeply.  I need to change for the better, my family needs this from me.  I replayed the song no less than six times. 

I know what I need to do with my life and what has been found within me.  While the Lord has never left my side, I turned away from and not toward Him for help, guidance, strength and peace.  Sometimes, being strong means forgiving yourself and accepting the help of others when it is offered.  I am more aware and alive than I have been in a long time.  I thank God for granting the gift of writing music and lyrics for others to share with us.  Music has once again shown me the way and hit me right between the eyes with this song.  I have been found.

Changed by Rascal Flatts

I came up, out of the water
Raised my hands, up to the Father
Gave it all to Him that day
Felt a new wind kiss my face
Walked away, eyes wide open
Could finally see where I was going
It didn’t matter where I’d been, I’m not the same man I was then

I got off track, I made mistakes
Back slid my way into that place, where souls get lost,
lines get crossed and the pain won’t go away
I hit my knees, now here I stand
There I was, now here I am.. Here I am.  Changed.

I got a lot of “hey I’m sorry”s, the things I’ve done,
Man that was not me I wish that I could take it all back,
I just wanna tell ’em that.. tell ’em how

I’ve changed for the better.  More smiles, less bitter…
I’m even starting to forgive myself.  Yes I am

I hit my knees, now here I stand
There I was, now here I am, here I am, here I am I’m changed.
Yes I am.. I’ve changed for the better

Thank God, I changed

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Worry? Me?

All it takes is a small seed of information to send my world on its end. I am a worrier by nature and I am not patient. When it comes to my job, and the skills I have for the job, I take great pride in my knowledge and work experience. If I feel I am passed over on a promotion, I immediately question why, as I know I have what is needed to get the promotion and excel at the job. If I hear that I am passed over on a promotion due to the hiring party “having a friend…,” I get a bit angry. The worry then begins. I expend a lot of negative energy worrying about things that I cannot change and that are clearly out of my control. The blow to my self-esteem is another part that makes this difficult. My first reaction is to want to immediately find another job. They don’t deserve me, right? I am highly skilled and experienced!

After I have the time to evaluate the entire situation, I am able to rationalize with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other and come to a very important conclusion: I still am very skilled in many areas and have experience beyond my years. This make me a very valuable person in the work place and in life in general. My worry is decreasing, along with my anger. doorWhen one door closes, another opens. I do not want to stare and ponder at the closed door so much that I miss the opportunity that may arise from the door which has opened. The fighter in me refuses to lie down and take it–I will rise and fight.  Worry accomplishes absolutely nothing.

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When life gives you lemons…

… Have tequila on hand.  Don’4.0.1t forget the salt.  Many of us have received lemons over the course of our lifetime.  Finding ways to use them to your advantage is key:  lemonade, lemon bars, lemon meringue pie, lemon-scented dish soap, and even using the rind to clean your garbage disposal.  When the feeling hits that you have received nothing but lemons in life, take a closer look.  You have more gifts than you know.  When you smile, the world smiles back.  There is nothing life can throw at you that you can’t handle.  If life throws me more lemons, I will find a new cookbook.

Remember, if God brought you to it, He will get you through it….



A snowflake is one of God’s most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together!

There’s one good thing about snow, it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbor’s.
-Clyde Moore