Fan or fanatic?

I am a sports enthusiast.  Ok….  to be honest, I am a fanatic.  I wear the colors, the beads, the hats, and collect as many team-related trinkets as I can find.  I love sports and the competitive spirit.   The thrill of victory, brings an exhilarating sense of team and excitement.  Reliving a win over and over with anyone who will listen.  The smile stays and is infectious, especially around fellow fans.

If a loss is suffered, the pain is hard to bear.  Despair sets in and the game replay begins…  if we had only…..  we should havefanatic….  why?  Misery loves company and the want to be around others who are feeling the same grows.

Cheering for my teams and the excitement the games bring is a big part of my self care.  I can be the fanatic and leave my other persona behind, even if for a short time.

Sports build camaraderie and togetherness.  Hearing thousands of fans collectively screaming for the same team is priceless.  I will be a fanatic forever.  Now, if only one of my teams would win a championship…  sigh.