Worry? Me?

All it takes is a small seed of information to send my world on its end. I am a worrier by nature and I am not patient. When it comes to my job, and the skills I have for the job, I take great pride in my knowledge and work experience. If I feel I am passed over on a promotion, I immediately question why, as I know I have what is needed to get the promotion and excel at the job. If I hear that I am passed over on a promotion due to the hiring party “having a friend…,” I get a bit angry. The worry then begins. I expend a lot of negative energy worrying about things that I cannot change and that are clearly out of my control. The blow to my self-esteem is another part that makes this difficult. My first reaction is to want to immediately find another job. They don’t deserve me, right? I am highly skilled and experienced!

After I have the time to evaluate the entire situation, I am able to rationalize with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other and come to a very important conclusion: I still am very skilled in many areas and have experience beyond my years. This make me a very valuable person in the work place and in life in general. My worry is decreasing, along with my anger. doorWhen one door closes, another opens. I do not want to stare and ponder at the closed door so much that I miss the opportunity that may arise from the door which has opened. The fighter in me refuses to lie down and take it–I will rise and fight.  Worry accomplishes absolutely nothing.

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