It’s their world… we just live in it

How often do we take a backseat to others in our lives?  Are we giving in, settling, coping, or just being nice?  Being one who has settled, tried to be nice, gave in, and most definitely coped, I understand the need to make potential problems go away.  However, there are times when we want to be heard; we want our thoughts to be meaningful.  We want to be consulted about decisions and not be told what decision was made.  We want to be considered, we want some respect.

The path to perfect harmony is full of potholes.  Lord knows I have fallen into a few of those potholes, crawled my way out, and became a stronger person each time I landed back on solid ground.  Besides, is there really such a thing as perfect harmony in this world and do we want it–perfect? 

Count to ten and breathe deeply.   It won’t make the issues or problems go away, but it does help create peace in your soul.  Keep the faith, hope for a place in their world, and continue to love with all your heart.  In time, their world may open up to you.   

Faith, hope and love…  

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