My Christmas wish

The holidays are here….  a time for family, gifts, cooking, and celebration of the birth of our Lord.  While I am busy preparing for the festivities to begin, my thoughts constantly go to my friend whose husband is fighting cancer, and another friend who lost faith-to-sit1her husband to cancer two years ago.  This time of year is difficult when loved ones are suffering or missing.  The loneliness and sadness is heard in their voices and it grips your heart so tight it is hard to breathe.  Many tears have been shed with these two friends and the words of sympathy and consolation are hard to find, as they have all be said.   Prayer provides the solace needed and I pour my prayers over all who are suffering or lonely.  

I am fortunate to be blessed with a healthy family and we are able to celebrate with great joy in our hearts.  Peace is found with the power of prayer.  My Christmas wish is help others find the peace needed to get through the holidays.  My prayer warriors are quickly assembled.  If you know one who is in need of prayers, I would be honored to give this as my gift.  Post a comment or send me an email: and provide as little or as much information as you wish.  May God bless all.


Music and Lyrics

Music is a healer, a comfort, an expression, and an emotion.  A person’s choice in music is like a window into their soul.  You can tell a mood or an attitude by what music is being heard.  Music brings people together–we sing together, we dance together.  You can feel your worries and your stress leave as you listen.  I am transported to another place when I listen to a song and the lyrics touch me.  There are some amazing song writers in this world.  They put poetry to music and I for one appreciate what they give.  Music is a major part of my self-care, it is like a drug and I am an addict.

Music is strength…  Music is love…  Music is freedom…  Music is faith…  Music is in me…

Colorful music