Live like you are dying…

My friend recently lost her husband of 26 years to terminal brain cancer.  Eyes are the windows to the soul and in her eyes I see an immense amount of pain, loneliness, and sadness.  People surround her, people care for her, people want to help her, but the only thing she wants is her best friend back.  Her husband was loved and respected by many, and his quick wit and humor endeared him to many others.  The courage and strength I have experienced from this family is an inspiration.

Live like you are dying.  No regrets.  Every moment, every memory, every smile is a blessing.  Happiness radiates and is infectious….  make every day count.



Rest in peace, my friend.  You are a welcomed soul in heaven.



The Warrior

Everyone has a story to tell.  Amazing stories of survival, pain, and strength.  Just listen.Angel in the sky

I had a talk recently with a friend whose husband is a cancer survivor.  A wonderful, active, and happy family of five which includes young children.  When he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, their world was turned upside down and life became filled with doctors, terminology, and treatment.  Time moved quickly, while standing still.  As my friend talked about the road they were traveling, one particular piece of the story she told was regarding a very special nurse.  An angel, seems more appropriate.  This nurse worked in a different part of the hospital and was called in to assist the oncology department.  My friends were granted the gift of having this angel appear in their room to draw his blood.  She came to them in the form of a beautiful black woman with a very kind and caring demeanor.  This nurse noticed a piece of art which was created by the couple’s son at a bible camp and asked if she could pray with them.  While her prayer was magnificent in its glory, and heartfelt in its meaning, it was also very humble in asking for help for this family.  This woman was an incredible prayer warrior.  From the pain and suffering that this family has endured, this was the story that came to the forefront of her memories.  I am amazed once again at the power of prayer.  The family has endured much and has not only survived, but has thrived.  He has been clean, with no cancer, for over a year.  While he questions why he was saved, and what his purpose may be, he has been given a gift and is very grateful.  I hope to see this survivor warrior share his story, as he is a light that deserves to shine bright for others to see.

The ability and want to survive that comes from within keeps you moving forward.  The love, kindness, and caring of strangers which come when least expected is an inspiration.  Be kind and good to others.  You never know in which form the Lord will appear.