Attention holiday shoppers!

Put your shopping bags down and give your husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, friend, etc., the most special gift of all…  You. 

I for one have not been as excited and enthusiastic about this holiday season as I have in past years.  My home does not look like Christmas’s past, and the tree was just put up.  My Christmas spirit is in a lull and waning.  In speaking with others, they seem to feel the same way.  Have the holidays been overshadowed, and possibly replaced, by the spirit of shopping and marketing?  When the new trend seemed to be stores opening late on Thanksgiving evening, it pulled the wind right out of my holiday spirit.  Thankfully, I also heard that a few family owned and operated stores were continuing to stay closed on Thanksgiving so their employees could spend time with their families.  This put the smile back on my face.  christmas-feastTo know that there are still some who are hanging onto tradition and family values makes my heart soar.  We need to remember what this holiday season is all about and celebrate it with our families and friends!  This is one shopper who chooses to give thanks on Thanksgiving for what has been bestowed upon me.  Only then will I start thinking about shopping.  The most important thing  in this world is my family and the time we have together.  I will never take it for granted.

Happy holidays everyone.  May you rekindle the spirit of togetherness with your family.  Wishing all a blessed and Merry Christmas! 

There has been only one Christmas – the rest are anniversaries.  ~W.J. Cameron




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