My Love for Animals

Many times, I come across a story of an animal that has been abused.  My heart hurts when I read the story, and then I see a picture and the tears flow.  I feel so much for these sweet, innocent beings that I wish I could rescue them all.  I recently came across a story of a small chihuahua that was the victim of a cruel breeder.  This breeder bred many dogs who had multiple litters, with no medical care.  The puppy that attached herself to my heart was named Rosie.  She was deformed and extremely unhealthy.   She was born into a life of filth and depression.  …and she was one of the lucky ones. 

Rosie was rescued by an Angel and was allowed to spend the end of her short life being pampered and cuddled.  Just writing about this little sweetheart makes me tear up again.  I love her without knowing her.  The rainbow bridge lit up the day she arrived, and all the other beautiful, loving pets welcomed her with many tail wags. 

My heart is extremely sensitive tonight.  We must rescue when we have the ability.   Read Rosie’s story here:  I believe you will be moved as I have been.




  1. I feel the exact same way you do about animals. I have written a similar post about my love for animals not too long ago as well…Of course, I had to click on the link about Rosie and inevitably it upset me. It hurts my heart to know that there are such cruel people who treat animals like crap. I wish I could save every animal in the world, but it is impossible for one human do solely do that. I always come across devastating photos of animals in need of a miracle whether it be on Facebook, a blog, or having stumbled upon it online. It always hurts to see heartbreaking images and I always hope they eventually get saved by someone who really cares…sigh. Anyway, good post. Glad we share the same emotions about animals.

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